We buy and sell the following foreign currencies in cash:

USD - United States dollar GBP - British pounds sterling PLN - Polish zlotys CZK - Czech crown BYN - Belarusian ruble UAH - Ukrainian hryvnia RUB - Russian ruble SCP - Scottish pounds sterling CHF - Swiss francs DKK - Danish Krone NOK - Norwegian Krone SEK - Swedish Krona CAD - Canadian dollars AUD - Australian dollars JPY - Japanese Yen HUF - Hungarian forints MXN - Mexican pesos CNY - Chinese yuan TRY - Turkish lira BGN - Bulgarian Lev ILS - Israeli shekels RON - Romanian leu KZT - Kazakh tenge GEL - Georgian lariat RSD - Serbian dinars ISK - Icelandic Krona HKD - Hong Kong dollar MYR - Malaysian ringgits SGD - Singapore dollar NZD - New Zealand Dollar AED - United Arab Emirates dirhams THB - Thai bat EGP - Egyptian pound

We also buy and sell* foreign currency coins, USD and GBP defective (worn, damaged) banknotes, withdrawn from circulation (GBP, CHF, DKK, NOK). *5%-50% discounts are applied to the purchase and sale prices, you can find out the specific prices by phone or by asking the employee serving you at the exchange.

Cash handling services

Handling of euro banknotes Rate 
Checking banknotes 5 cents for 1 note
Enlargement: Exchange of banknotes for higher denominations 0.2 ct for €1 (0.2% of the amount)
Shredding: changing banknotes into euro coins and cents 6.5 ct for €1 (6.5% of the amount)
Shredding: changing banknotes into smaller denominations 1 ct for €1 (1% of the amount)
Handling euro coins Rate 
Enlargement: exchange of euro coins and cents, sorted by denomination, into euro banknotes 5 cents for €1 (5% of the amount)
Enlargement: exchange of unsorted euro coins and cents into euro banknotes 6.5 ct for €1 (6.5% of the amount)
Handling of foreign currency banknotes Rate 
Checking 5 cents for 1 note
Change 50 ct for 1 banknote
Zooming in 5ct for 1 note accepted
Shredding 15 ct for 1 banknote issued

The minimum cash handling fee is €0.50.

Additional financial services

VAT refund service for non-EU citizens. Global Blue Tax Free service is provided in all our network in airport exchange offices.


MoneyGram — these are urgent cash transfers. Cash can be transferred from Lithuania to any foreign country or received from a foreign country to Lithuania. This service is not available at airport exchange offices.

Advantages of MoneyGram:
Comfortable — people sending and receiving money only need an ID.
Quick — the money is sent and reaches the addressee within 10-15 minutes.
Small commissions - only the money sender pays for the service, there are no additional charges for the recipient. Commission fees depend on the country and the amount being sent - the responsible employee will tell you the specific fee.
It's easy procedure for sending and receiving money.
Wide service network — MoneyGram services are provided at more than 350,000 service points in 200 countries of the world.

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